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Spider veins are notorious for occurring on your face and legs, which are areas where they have the maximum impact on your appearance. If you’ve had it with unattractive spider veins, Bradley Radwaner, MD, at Elite Veins NY can quickly and easily eliminate them in the office with sclerotherapy. To schedule an appointment, use the convenient online booking feature or call the office in New York City.

Sclerotherapy of Spider Veins Q & A

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins develop when tiny blood vessels close to the skin’s surface become enlarged. The problem occurs when valves that normally keep blood flowing in one direction stop working properly.

The valves may fail when high pressure in nearby large veins forces the smaller veins to dilate and stretch. You may also develop spider veins following trauma to the area.

As the damaged valves let the blood flow backward, the fluid builds up between valves and engorges the blood vessels. The vessels then become visible as red, purple, and blue veins that spread out to resemble a spider’s web or tiny tree branches.

Spider veins can develop anywhere on your body, but they’re most commonly found on your legs and face. While spider veins usually don’t cause symptoms or health problems, valve problems in tiny surface veins may signal a similar issue in larger veins that could lead to varicose veins.

Most patients choose to have their spider veins eliminated because the unsightly veins have a big impact on their appearance. Sclerotherapy is one of the most common ways to treat spider veins.

What is sclerotherapy of spider veins?

Sclerotherapy’s name comes from the procedure, which uses a sclerosing agent to get rid of the spider veins. Sclerosing agents are medications that cause inflammation and scarring. This treatment works exceptionally well in spider veins because the medication immediately closes the vein, then causes scarring that’s gradually absorbed by your body. Before long, all the spider veins disappear.

What should I expect during sclerotherapy to treat spider veins?

Spider veins are so small and close to the surface that patients generally don’t need anesthesia. However, you can talk with Dr. Radwaner about your options if you’re worried about discomfort.

To perform sclerotherapy, he simply injects the sclerosing medication into the targeted veins. The number of injections you may need depends on the extent of your spider veins.

After your injections are finished, Dr. Radwaner may apply compression or gently massage the area for a short time, then you’re free to resume your normal activities. It’s important to protect the area from sunlight for a short time, and you’ll receive detailed care instructions before you leave the office.

If you’ve had it with spider veins that spoil your appearance, call Elite Veins NY or schedule an appointment online.