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Ulcer Treatment Specialist

Bradley Radwaner, MD, FACC -  - Vein Specialist

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Bradley Radwaner, MD, FACC

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Early treatment for a venous stasis ulcer is essential to promote healing and prevent serious complications. Vein specialist Bradley Radwaner, MD, at Elite Veins NY offers medical treatment to patients in New York City for ulcers. Untreated ulcers only get worse and lead to infections. When you see changes in your skin and the start of a wound in your lower leg, call the office in New York City or book an appointment online.

Ulcer treatment Q & A

What causes a venous stasis ulcer?  

Venous stasis ulcers develop when poor blood flow through your leg veins, called chronic venous insufficiency, leads to increased pressure in the veins between your knee and ankle. As the higher pressure forces blood and fluids out of the veins and into the surrounding tissues, you develop inflammation, swelling, and changes in your skin’s color and texture.

Over time, the affected tissues begin to break down and a small wound — a venous stasis ulcer — develops at the surface. Venous ulcers frequently develop over your ankle or the inner part of your leg. However, they can develop anywhere on the lower leg and affect one or both legs.

Why is a prompt treatment for a venous stasis ulcer necessary?

The longer your ulcer goes without treatment, the larger it becomes and the more you’re at risk for serious complications, such as skin and bone infections. More importantly, venous ulcers are very slow to heal, and they don’t get better on their own; they require the expert care of Dr. Radwaner. Even with the medical attention of a vein specialist, your ulcer may take a year or longer to heal, especially if you put off scheduling an appointment at Elite Veins NY.

What should I expect during ulcer treatment?

After reviewing your medical history, thoroughly examining your leg, and ordering blood or imaging tests if they’re needed to diagnose the underlying cause of your ulcer, Dr. Radwaner creates a customized treatment plan that includes one or more of the following therapies:

Compression stockings

Wearing compression stocking is essential for healing a venous ulcer. These stockings normalize the pressure in your veins and gently squeeze your legs to improve blood flow.

Leg elevation

Elevating your leg improves blood flow and reduces fluid buildup and swelling, which is critical to promote healing.

Innovative dressings

Dr. Radwaner chooses from several types of specialized dressings designed to improve healing. Hydrocolloid dressings are one example. They create a healing environment by keeping the ulcer moist while absorbing excess fluid leakage and using your body’s own enzymes to help heal the ulcer.

Debridement (wound cleaning)

Dr. Radwaner may use one of several methods, such as enzymes or specialized dressings, to remove dead tissue from the surface of the ulcer.

Wound care at home

The speed at which your ulcer heals also depends on how well you take care of your wound at home. Dr. Radwaner shows you how to clean the wound, change the dressing, and protect the healthy skin surrounding the wound.


You may receive medication to treat an infection or an underlying condition such as blood clots.

At the first sign of a venous ulcer, call Elite Veins NY or book an appointment online.